Sharing Pages + Tasks


By Vito Peleg

updated 9 months ago

In the client interface plugin, sharing has become very easy. You can share the task with clients with or without adding them as a user as well. Moreover, the sharing links have been divided into two parts.

  • Sharing tasks
  • Sharing Pages

Sharing tasks

When creating a task, we have to go to the share tab inside the popup. From there, we can share the exact location of this task. We can copy the share task link and open it in another window; it will open the relevant page with our front-end login popup, which can be branded with your or your client's logo and scroll to exactly where the task is. You can strip this part from the URL by clicking on the checkbox to remove the login parameter. This will stop the login pop-up from triggering when your client clicks on the page. Use this with guest mode on so your client can still give you feedback without logging in.

Sharing Pages

If you need to share the page link, you have to click the share option in the bottom bar. The share page link works the same as the task link however it opens the link of the page instead of the specific task.



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