Remapping Tasks


By Vito Peleg

updated 3 months ago

Remapping tasks is one of the main features of the Atarim Interface Client Plugin. The main aim of this functionality is to remap tasks. If you need to remove a section of a website where a task is pinned, it will become a general task. The use case could be if another user has created a general task that should be pinned to an element on the page or you just need to move tasks from one element to another.

How to Remap 

  • You can remap tasks by opening the sidebar, finding the relevant task you want to remap, click on the icon and choose the new location!

  • You can select any element after clicking on remap function, and the dotted red section will appear to select the required element. After selecting the required element, the task will shift its position to a new element.

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