Filtering Tasks


By Vito Peleg

updated 9 months ago

At the backend, we have introduced the feature of filtering the tasks based on user preference. The main objective of this feature is to save the user time in navigating different tasks. By inclusion of tasks, filter helped users in saving their time going back and forth. This article will discuss the four types of categories to which users can apply the filter.

  • Task Types

Using the task type filter, you can filter the tasks based on general, admin, page, or graphic tasks. You can easily see the desired type of tasks by clicking on the checkboxes.

  • Task Status

Using the status filter, you can filter the tasks based on whether they are open, in progress, pending, or closed.

  • Task Urgency

Using a task urgency filter, you can filter the tasks based on whether the priority is low, medium, high, or critical.

  • By Users

Using the user filter, you can check the tasks different users have created. If you want to check the task created by a specific user, you can click on that user checkbox, and all of the tasks created by that user will show. It is very easy to see just the client tasks or just the specific user task.

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