Daily and Weekly Reports


By Vito Peleg

updated 3 months ago

From the task center, you can send daily or weekly reports manually as well. For anyone involved in running web projects, we all know that any number of issues can appear on a daily basis, no matter how well planned they are. The weekly report can highlight these issues and instigate the conversations that need to happen in order to find a solution for them.

Another benefit of the daily and weekly reports are all the tasks are collected and communicated at one time rather than via several conversations at different times and by different means. It’s a more efficient way of dealing with issues.

Importantly, schedule visibility is encouraged. It’s pretty obvious, but everyone involved wants regular updates on whether the project it’s ahead, on, or behind schedule and why. (especially the client!)

You can send daily and weekly report by clicking on the upper section in the task center. There are two buttons displayed. By clicking on Daily reports, It sends the current day report and weekly report send the whole weekly report.

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