Client Interface Plugin Overview


By Vito Peleg

updated 3 months ago

When the license is properly verified and enabled, it's time to add your first comment using Atarim. By visiting your website, the atarim comment button will be shown in the bottom right position which means now you can add comments to any element in your website.

Client Interface Plugin

The client interface plugin is comprised of two buttons. 

Comment Button

  • The comment button (+ sign button) is used to add a comment. when you click on the + sign, you can hover over any element for which you want to add your comment. After clicking on the required element, this window will appear where you can leave a comment.

  • After adding your first comment, you can check the users you want to notify. Users added to your website will be displayed at the top where you can check those users if you want to notify them about the comment you made. Moreover, you can check this comment on the agency dashboard as well.

  • After you add a comment and notify the user, you can change the priority from this section. you can change the priority according to your preferences.
  • After selecting the priority, you can change the status of the comment. You can mark it as open, in progress, pending and complete.

  • By default when creating a new task Atarim will generate an automated screenshot of the current view of the user who is creating the task. We can also click on the "screenshot the current view" button to generate a new screenshot based on our view.  

  • Through the additional information tab, we can add custom tags. We can also see the screen resolution for when the task was created as well as the browser and the user that created the task. Furthermore, there is an option to delete the task, though we recommend setting the status to Complete as it's good to keep records of your communications with clients, always!
  • We can share the exact location of this task. We can copy the share task link and open this link in another window, it will open the relevant page with our front-end login popup, which can be branded with your or your client's logo and scroll to exactly where the task is. You can strip this part from the URL by clicking on the checkbox to remove the login parameter. This will stop the login pop-up from triggering when your client clicks on the page. Use this with guest mode on so your client can still give you feedback without needing to log in.

Panel button

  • Firstly, the logo button is considered a panel button. By using the panel button you can use different filters for the features discussed above. You can search tasks by priority, status, and visibility. Moreover, you can generate reports and share page links as well using the bottom bar.

  • You can make general tasks by clicking on the comment button. General tasks are created for the overall web page. These are meant for requests that are not about specific elements of the page.
  • By clicking on the task button, the right drawer will be opened which will show all the tasks on the website. It will include three columns e.g task on this page, All pages, and on the backend.

Important note: Please make sure that you have the required permissions of the features enabled from the Permissions section.

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