User Permissions


By Vito Peleg

updated 3 months ago

This is where you can set permission for users. It gives you authority over which user can perform which job and provides you total power to control the process. You can enable or disable different features depending on the Atarim user types to overwrite the default settings and customize your process. You can go to Collaborate> Permissions>User Permissions

User permissions are split into 4 categories

1. Client

2. Webmaster

3. Other

4. Guest

If you want to give permission of adding users to the webmaster, simply check on the checkbox in the webmaster column, and you are enabling the webmaster to add users. The same goes for all the features.

For instance, you want to give permission of Autoscreenshots to all the users i.e Client, Webmaster, Other, Guest, etc. All of the checkboxes will be ticked as in the screenshot below.

After clicking on checkboxes and giving permission to specific users, its important that you scroll down and click on save changes button.

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