Task Popover


By Vito Peleg

updated 3 months ago

By adding a comment, a task popover will appear. The task popover is divided into different sections, which aim to provide different functions associated with your task. we will discuss each of them in this article below:

  • After adding your first comment, you can check the users you want to notify. Users added to your website will be displayed at the top, where you can check those users if you want to notify them about the comment you made. Moreover, you can check this comment on the agency dashboard as well.
  • After adding a comment and notifying the user, you can now change the priority from the labeled section.

  • After selecting the priority, you can change the status of the comment. You can mark it as open, in progress, pending and complete.
  • By default when creating a new task Atarim will generate an automated screenshot of the current view of the user who is creating the task. We can also click on the "screenshot the current view" button to generate a new screenshot based on our view.
  • Through the additional information tab, we can add custom tags. We can also see the screen resolution for when the task was created as well as the browser and the user that created the task. Furthermore, there is an option to delete the task, though we recommend setting the status to Complete as it's good to keep records of your communications with clients, always!

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