Jira Integration


By Jehrome Griffiths

updated about 1 month ago

In this piece of documentation, we'll be taking you through how to get your Jira integration with Atarim set up, and how you can leverage this functionality to have a seamless workflow between them.

Getting Started

  • First, we need to enable the Jira integration inside the settings of your Agency Dashboard. It can be found on the settings screen, inside the integrations tab. Once you've found it, you need to click the toggle on the right. This will enable the Jira integration options.
  • Once enabled, you'll see the Jira integreation options. To get started, you need to connect your Jira account.
  • After clicking connect, a new tab will open and Jira will ask your permission to connect Atarim to your account (if you are not logged in, you'll need to login and you'll be taken to this screen afterwards).
  • After that's done, we'll take you back to your Jira integration settings inside Atarim, where you'll need to select the Jira website you want to use for the integration.
  • Once you've selected a website, all you need to do is hit "Save Website" and you have successfully set up the integration with Jira.

Manually Pushing Tasks To Jira

  • Now that you have selected a website, you can begin manually pushing tasks to Jira. If you visit your Agency Dashboard Inbox, you'll now notice a new option for tasks here:
  • You can select the project for where tasks will land, in this instance we have chosen the "Testing Integration" project. Once you press "Create Task On Jira", this will push this task to the select project.
  • Inside the task you'll find the task link inside the Agency Dashboard, the Status and the Priority. Making it a great way to keep track of tasks in both Jira and Your Agency Dashboard.

Automatically Pushing Tasks To Jira

  • Inside the Jira settings, there is another toggle you can enable that will automatically push all tasks that are created inside your Agency Dashboard.
  • Once toggled on, you need to select a project and click save. Every task that is now created inside your Agency Dashboard, will be automatically pushed to the project selected in Jira. Let's head to a website and create a task, like so: 
  • Now that we've created a task, this will be automatically pushed to the specified project on Jira.

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